Terms and Conditions

1.1 Initial provisions

1.1.1. The company BOS Sport Betting p.l.c., registred in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa with address:region 14 Addis Ababa zone/sub-city bole woreda 13 house no 2914 tell no 0902484010, under Sport betting license issued in accordance with sport betting license directive no.: 83/2005. License no.: 0014/2009 (hereinafter referred to as “the company“) operates the sports betting website www.bosbetting.net (hereinafter referred to as “internet sportsbetting“).

1.1.2. This Terms and Conditions for operating the internet sportsbetting is binding for any legal relationship between the client and the company. The ignorance of the Terms and Conditions doesn´t make the bet invalid.

1.2 Definition of terms

1.2.1. Client – means an individual person participating in the internet sportsbetting, who has registered in the system of the company and reached the age of 18.

1.2.2. Internet sportsbetting – for the purposes of these terms and conditions the bets mean the internet sportsbetting that a client participates in upon having paid the stake via the internet. The bets are placed via a public server enabling remote access for an unlimited circle of persons in the internet network. The internet sportsbetting is a type of game, where winnings are subject to guessing right sports-related outcomes or placings in sports competitions and races, or guessing right outcomes of other published events or facts of public interest. Winnings or losses are decided by chance or previously unknown circumstances or events, sports-related or other events of public interest unless being in contrary to ethical principles. The payout is directly proportional to the winning odds in which the bet was accepted and the stake. Bets will only be accepted for those betting opportunities which the company has published odds for. The odds of any published betting opportunities shall correspond to the odds valid at the moment when the bet is accepted; the company reserves the right to change the odds, which means that the odds published on the internet do not necessarily have to be the current odds. Stake - the sum of money that the client pays before the moment of bet placing.

1.2.3. Stake - the sum of money that the client pays before the moment of bet placing.

1.2.4. Bet placing – the moment of the bet placing means the time, when the bet is registered to the database in the central server of the company. This is subject to the condition that the sum available on the client´s account at the moment of the bet placing is at least the same as the total stake of the bet.

1.2.5. Betting opportunity – means a certain fact with a previously unknown outcome that is potentially contained in a betting event. It is a sport related event or another event that has been selected by the company and has been published on the www.bosbetting.net website. A betting opportunity contains selections (tips) that represent possible outcomes.

1.2.6. Bet selections (tips) – in case of a the betting opportunities symbols are used to identify betting selections (tips), for example:
1 - Home win
1X - Home win or draw
X - Draw, draw means no team wins, results 0:0, 1:1, 2:2
2X - Away win or draw
2 - Away win
12 - No draw, one of the teams will win and there will be no draw
1-4 - Placing in the first four
2:1 - Exact match result (e.g. 2:1)
V Victorys

1.2.7. Types of betting opportunities – the company can publish odds of betting opportunities on victory, placing and advancing of an individual or a team in one-off sports competition or of a long term character sport competitions or facts directly related to the outcome or the process of sports, social and other events.

1.2.8. Odds – means an expression of the probability that the bet selection (tip) will be successful. The odds are valid at the time of bet placing and are binding for both parties, regardless of its later changes. Except when rule 3.7 applies.

1.2.9. Payout – represents the real money winnings, that the client will obtain in a case that all betting opportunities selected (tiped) by the client are successful and that the client determines correctly all official results. Payouts may be reduced according to the respective provisions of these terms and conditions.

1.2.10. Official results – means a result of a betting opportunity published by the company that was obtained from official sources.

1.2.11. Settlement – is a reflection of the official results in the bets with the aim to determine winning bets.

1.2.12. Ticket – is an electronic record of a placed bet stored in the database of the company in the central server. Due to the limited number of characters on one line of the ticket that is reserved for the display of a betting opportunity, team names, competitor names, etc. are shortened. Following data are displayed on the ticket: specification of the betting opportunity, stake, odds, selections (tips), and the date and time of placing the bet with the accuracy of one second.

1.2.13. Account – means the client´s account, that was created by the company upon registration and where all financial operations are recorded (mainly deposits, withdrawals, bet statements).

1.2.14. Application – is a computer application on the company website, through which client´s bets are placed.

1.2.15. Supportive betting opportunities - equal betting opportunities or betting opportunities that mutually support each other in a direct or indirect way, for example: Bets on the placing of a racer (team) together with a bet on the victory of the same racer (team) in an individual match of the same competition The placing of the same racer (team) in various positions (“V“,“1-2“.1-3“,etc.) within one sports discipline race. Bets on the outcome of the completed game together with a bet on advancing in the tournament of the same team.

1.2.16. If the system fails to settle match initial money placed will be refunded to the client.

1.2.17. LIVE Bet – on some predefined betting opportunities the company can decide to accept bets during the match or race. Odds on this opportunities are continuously modified and are valid always at the time of the bet placing.

1.2.18. Terms and Conditions – means these terms and conditions for operating the internet sportsbetting.

1.2.19. Betting office/branch – means a permanent establishment of the company, used for registration of the clients, deposits into accounts, and possible money withdrawals from the account.

1.2.20. Currency – The only accepted currency for betting is Ethiopian birr „ETB“

1.3. Terms of participation in the bets

1.3.1. Only persons older than 18 years are allowed to participate in the internet sportsbetting and to place bets. The client confirms that he is familiar with the terms and conditions, that he agrees with his personal data processing, and will not enable third party persons to access the internet sporstbetting.

1.3.2.In a case that the company will detect the violation of the rule above (1.3.1) of these terms and conditions, the company is authorized to suspend any payouts and withdrawals and to void any bets.


2.2. Type of betting opportunities

2.2.1.Other betting opportunities – it is possible to use, among others, the following types of betting opportunities on tickets: the bet on an exact outcome, the bet on placing, the bet on the course of a match, the bet on the first set, the bet on handicap, etc


3.1. General rules

3.1.1.Odds are determined as values subject to change. The company reserves itself the right to change any odds after a bet was placed.

3.1.2.The odds are published on the website www.bosbetting.net When odds have been changed, those registered in the database of the central server are considered valid.

3.1.3.Stake - the minimum stake amount for bet is 10 ETB („Ethiopian Birr“). For individual type of bets, the company is allowed to determine a higher amount of the stake and shall publish information concerning this change. The maximum stake is limited to the maximum payout (see below), if the company will not restrict the maximum stake for certain type of bets differently.

3.1.5. Payout limits – the maximum payout is limited to 350.000 ETB: Winnings exceeding this limit will not be paid out and the client shall not be legally entitled to the payment of such a winning.

3.1.6. The company reserves itself the right to determine the beginning and the end of the accepting of bets with respect to the time when the announced betting opportunities are expected to begin. It is exclusively within the authority of the company to change the time when bets are stopped being accepted and the end of the accepting of bets is determined for no later than the beginning of the time when a betting opportunity takes place.

3.2. Placing a bet

3.2.1.Bets are placed via internet after a user name and password have been filled out correctly. By clicking onto odds available in the sportsbook, the selection is added to the ticket. After entering the stake, the ticket can be either saved or placed. In some cases a bet can be subject to authorization. The client will be notified about it with a message. This bet can be either placed, rejected or the amount of the stake can be changed. When the stake is changed, clients can decide whether to place the bet or not with the changed stake. It is not possible to cancel any ticket after it has been placed.

3.2.2. Because of a revision, a financial and bet statement is provided to all clients in their accounts. A bet is placed only when it appears in this statement. In case of a dispute about the time of the bet placing, the data stored in the database in the central server are decisive.

3.2.3. For security and identification reasons every client has its own user name and password. Clients have to use their user name and password upon every login to the application. To ensure increased security, every client is allowed to change his password. It is the responsibility of the client to protect his password from a misuse of any unauthorized persons.

3.2.4. Number of bets placed by one client is not limited, but upon placing another bet the conditions of a bet might have changed (odds change, rejected bet, etc.)

3.2.5. According to Ethiopian law and associated Lottery law we have implemented Value Added Tax (VAT) at rate of 15%. VAT deductible while placing a bet. Example of real ticket situation is below ( Example of placing a bet: Deposit = 100 ETB VAT 15% = 13,04 ETB Placed bet = 86,95 ETB

3.3 Deposits and withdrawals from the account

3.3.1. Deposits to and withdrawals from the account can be done in the betting offices/branches or Dashen Banks only.

3.3.2. One client is allowed to have only one account, currency of ETB.

3.3.3. Only ETB currency is accepted for deposits.

3.4. Official result and bet settlement

3.4.1. All official results will be published by the company in the application. In a case that a published official result is incorrect, the right of the client to claim the winning is not affected as long as the client correctly determined the result of the outcome.

3.4.2. In an event with a previously determined playing time (e.g. football), the official result is considered to be the one that was achieved on the playing ground, if these conditions are met: the match was properly played to the end within the whole playing time determined for if (from the 1st minute, without any extra time, penalty kicks, etc.) and it was properly ended.

3.4.3. In a case that an event is not completed, only bets were the outcome of the bet is unambiguous at the time of the suspension will be settled (e.g. half time result, team to score a goal, number of goals, etc.)

3.4.4. Own goals are not taken into account for settlement purposes in the “anytime goalscorer“ bet type.

3.4.5. Qualifications are considered to be a part of the main race. Therefor if a competitor (or a team) take part in the qualification, but doesn´t qualify for the main race, bets placed on the placement in the main race are considered lost.

3.4.6. Bets on tennis are not considered void if the event is taking place on a different surface that was assumed.

3.4.7. If a match ends in the standard playing time and thereafter is forfeited (due to disqualification, doping, etc.) or is replayed, the result achieved on the playing ground is applied. For the bet type “to qualify“ (e.g. cup games) the final verdict of the competent authority shall apply, but only if a protest is submitted (or other fact that can have a possible impact for this bet type) before the winnings are started to be paid out. Similar procedures are applied in events where the playing time is not predetermined. Any further score change will not be considered.

3.4.8. Changes of results due to forfeit, disqualification, doping, etc. are considered also in events with a long term character if those bets haven´t been paid out yet according to the original result.

3.4.9. In case a match or competition takes place after a period longer than 3 days from the original published start, the company reserves itself the right to void placed bets on this match or competition. In a case that the event starts earlier than the original determined date, all bets placed before the actual start remain valid.

3.4.10. In case that for whatever reasons a baseball game is not being played at the day published on the offer, all bets are void. If two teams are playing two games in a row in one day, the subject-matter of the bet shall always be only the first one.

3.4.11. Retirement or disqualification of a listed (odds were published) competitor or a team (e.g. Formula 1) in an event makes the bet lost. If a competitor or team did not participate in a competition at all, the bets on such a betting opportunity are void. If the first set isnt completed, all bets are void (odds 1,00) If the first set is completed, all bet types are settled if the result is already known. Bets placed on “match odds“ bet type on the player who has retired are considered lost.

3.4.13. A complaint directed against any obvious inaccuracy in the published outcome shall be acknowledged. In such a case payouts according to the right result will be initiated as soon as the result will be corrected.

3.4.14. After the official result was announced and a protest settled, no other corrections of outcomes (proved doping, etc.) will be taken into account.

3.4.15. If a race event is interrupted or shortened (e.g. Formula 1), the achieved outcome and the overall placings as they were determined by the authorized body (except for predefined playing time events) shall be applied.

3.4.16. If a race event is interrupted or shortened (e.g. Formula 1), the achieved outcome and the overall placings as they were determined by the authorized body (except for predefined playing time events) shall be applied.

3.4.17. If more than one race is taking part in one place in a short time period, the subject-matter of the bets shall always be the first realized race.

3.4.18. If a minor error has occurred while entering betting opportunities into the application such as wrong name of a competitor, team or competition, all bets remain valid if this mistake doesn´t mislead the client with the nature of the bet.

3.4.19. In case of LIVE bets, the official result is the one published by the company. Bets, which will not be able to settle will be considered invalid and therefore will be void and refunded according to the terms and conditions.

3.5. Claim of winnings

3.5.1. Clients are eligible for the winnings if all conditions below are met: The outcome of the bet was correctly determined. The Terms and Conditions have not been violated in any way.

3.5.3. The total winnings will be reduced on all bet types on placement of a team or individual if two or more end on the same place. The total win of the bet shall be divided by the number of the teams/ individuals ending on the same position.

3.6. Payouts

3.6.1. Payouts will be credited to the clients account immediately after the official results of all bets contained on the ticket will be published by the company as follows: 1 ETB – 10.000 ETB (Immediately) 10.001 ETB – 100.000 ETB (in 1Day) 100.001 ETB – 350.000 ETB (in a week). Maximum possible win per ticket is 350.000 ETB.

3.6.2. In case there is not such an amount available, a time period of 30 days is set by the company do proceed with the payment. The time period startes when the last selection on the ticket is settled. The winnigs are payed out by the service workers in cash. The time limit for a complaint against the amount of the winning is 30 days after the commencement of the payout. In this period the company is obliged to proceed with the payout. After this period all claims for the winning are expired. In a case of a protest the payout will be suspended until a final decision is taken.The bet stored in the database in the central server of the company that has been evaluated as correct is decisive for the assessment of the entitlement to the winnings.

3.6.3. In a case that a payout is wrongfully credited to the client account (e.g. due to an incorrect result) the company reserve the right to deduct this payout from the account without the client permission. If this leads to an overdraft on the client´s account, the client is obliged to deposit additional money so it would be credit on his account.

3.6.4. According to Ethiopian law and associated Lottery law we have implemented Income Tax on winnings at the rate of 15%. This is to be charged against the total return. Winning less then 1000 ETB subjected to 0% TAX; winnings more then 1000 ETB subjected to 15% TAX. Example of real ticket situation is below (, Example of ticket payout: Win: 800 ETB Income Tax 0%: 0 ETB (for win lower then 1000 ETB, Income Tax is 0%) Net Win: 800 ETB Example of ticket payout: Win: 1500 ETB Income Tax 15% for 225 ETB , Net Win: 1275 ETB

3.7. Refund of bets

3.7.1. Bets shall be refunded and considered invalid and void in the following cases: If a match with predefined playing time, or other predefined criterion (number of sets, etc.) is not played or is cancelled before the regular end due to unpredictable circumstances such as mist, electricity failure, audience behavior, etc. In this case also other bet types concerning the event will be void. Bets were the outcome of the bet is unambiguous at the time of the suspension will be settled (e.g. half time result, team to score a goal, number of goals, etc.) In a case that the home team is wrongly identified (e.g. in a football game). In this case all bets will be void regardless to the outcome. This rule does not apply when event is taking place on a neutral ground. Also when an event is taking part “behind closed doors“ with no audience. A change in the venue, where a competition is held shall have no effect on the bets. When a betting opportunity is entered wrongly by the company or when the entering has lost its meaning due to “force majeure“(a change in the rules of the competition, etc.), it shall be considered to be void and the bet shall be refunded. The event is not played within 3 days after the original start. In this case the company applies the section 3.4.5., therefore all bets are void. Bets are refunded on the “better placing bet type if both of the competitors will not classify or will end in the same place, and odds on the draw were not set. If the bet is placed after the official start of the game. This rule does not apply for LIVE bets. If the company set wrongly the odds, handicap, goal line, etc. 3.7.3. A bet was by mistake of the company placed on an event where the outcome was know in advance or was influenced by the organizer of the sports event, the client, or other persons.


4.1. Clients have the right for a claim or complaint and the company is obliged to investigate those complaints and within a month notify the client with the result of the investigation. Complaints regarding misunderstanding the subject of the bets or incorrect identification (identical names, shortcuts, etc.) will not be considered. In any other cases that are not covered by these Terms and Conditions, the company reserves the right of the final decision that clients must comply with.For claims and complaints is dedicated following email address: bosethiopia@gmail.com


5.1. Clients are required to follow these Terms and Conditions as well as any other generally binding regulations applicable to the participation in the internet sportsbetting. If placing bets is not available due to extraordinary events, the company is not liable for any damages that clients might claim.